Sailor Rescued From Fishing Boat Engulfed In Flame

A sailor was rescued by the U.S Coast Guard after his sport fisher, the Done Deal, caught fire, according to Fox News. A man was sailing in the Delaware Bay when his boat erupted into flames. An onlooker noticed the incident and made a report to officials while keeping them updated as the Coast Guard quickly made its way to the scene. 

The good Samaritan said that at some point the man reached the bow before jumping into the bay. Pictures show the boat engulfed in dark, thick flame and smoke. New Jersey and Delaware vessels from Downe Township Fire and Rescue and Little Creek Fire Company cooperatively battled the fire as the man was rescued. The man was transported to the shore and no injuries were reported, however, he is being checked for smoke inhalation. 

Lieutenant Commander Kevin Higgins made a statement noting the teamwork between the forces working to put out the fire and save the sailor. He then commended the good Samaritan’s role in saving the man’s life. 

Although this sailor was saved, another boating accident occurred recently resulting in the death of a high school student Lacrosse player. The 17-year-old Sadie Mauro was on board off the coast of Cape Cod, Massachusetts with six other people before the boat crashed. 

Police responded to both the crash and a report of a missing teenage girl. The Coast Guard, two local fire departments, and a county dive team responded to the incident in a search-and-rescue operation. Other passengers are being treated at Cape Cod Hospital. The cause of the crash is not yet known but an investigation is underway. 

Dover-Sherborn High School is mourning the loss of Mauro and resources, such as counselors and service dogs, are being offered to students affected by the tragedy. The superintendent gave her sympathies and condolences to the family.