Sarah Palin Admits She’s Thinking About Running For U.S. Senate

( There could be a prominent Republican throwing her hat in the ring for the Alaska Senate race.

Sarah Palin, the former governor of Alaska and vice presidential candidate, indicated she may re-enter politics and run for the Senate seat in the 2022 midterm elections.

Speaking to a crowd of Christians at a July 22 event in Pasadena, California, Palin said:

“If God wants me to do it, I will. What I would do if I were to announce is say you know what, you guys better be there for me this time because a lot of people weren’t there for me last time, and that’s why characterization-wise, I got clobbered.”

In 2008, Palin was the running mate of Republican Senator John McCain against Democrats Barack Obama and Joe Biden. Following the Republicans’ defeat at the polls, Palin became embroiled in various ethics probes. Eventually, she was forced to resign her post as the governor of Alaska.

She continued:

“The Obama administration sent their flying monkeys … it stalled our administration. Every e-mail, every conversation was scrutinized. So, there’s a difference between quitting and saying enough is enough.”

If Palin were to run for the GOP Senate seat in Alaska, it would bring a serious challenger to an adversary of former President Donald Trump.

Lisa Murkowski is the incumbent Republican Senator from Alaska who is running for re-election. Trump has said that he will campaign against Murkowski, one of his so-called RINOs, who voted to convict him in his last impeachment hearing.

Recently, Trump sent an email to his supports through his Save America PAC that read:

“Lisa Murkowski is bad for Alaska. Her vote to confirm Biden’s Interior Secretary was a vote to kill long sought for, and approved, ANWR, and Alaska jobs. Murkowski has got to go!

“Kelly Tshibaka is the candidate who can beat Murkowski — and she will. Kelly is a fighter who stands for Alaska values and America First. She is MAGA all the way, pro-energy, strong on the Border, tough on Crime and totally supports our Military and our great vets. Kelly is a powerful supporter of the Second Amendment and JOBS!

“I look forward to campaigning in Alaska for Kelly Tshibaka. She has my Complete and Total Endorsement!”

It’s unlikely that Trump would switch his support to Palin if she were to run for Senator in Alaska, too. However, she would likely be a welcome addition to the race for Trump, as she would crowd the GOP race and potentially draw more votes away from Murkowski.

Tshibaka currently serves as the commissioner of the Department of Administration in Alaska. For her part, Palin said she has reservations about Tshibaka. She said:

“Kind of the scary thing about it is I’ve been in politics seems like all my life in Alaska, and I never heard of her, so that kind of made me hesitant.”

Either way, it’s telling that more prominent Alaska Republicans are considering running for the Senate seat, where Murkowski’s spot seems vulnerable to say the least.