Saudi State TV Mocks Feeble, Weak Joe Biden

( The writers for Saturday Night Live may be unwilling to mock the decrepit old man in the White House, but the writers from the Saudi television show “Studio 22” had no such concerns.

On Monday, “Studio 22” aired a sketch with two male actors playing President Biden and Vice President Harris. The sketch begins with “Biden” aimlessly pointing at reporters as “Harris” stands beside him in a pantsuit with her fingers tented in front of her in a typical Kamala pose.

“Biden” then meanders away from the podium with “Harris” having to herd him back. She guides him to the podium where “Biden” begins rambling to “reporters” about the “crisis in Spain.”

“Harris” whispers in his ear and “Biden” corrects himself by saying the “crisis in Africa” which prompts “Harris” to correct him again.

During the brief sketch, the “Biden” character repeatedly nods off, prompting the “Harris” character to shake him awake.

And in a shout-out to a recent Biden gaffe, the “Biden” character inadvertently refers to “Harris” as the “first lady.”

Finally, “Biden” nods off one last time and “Harris” shoves him off stage while telling the “reporters” to clap for their President.

The viral video has been viewed over seven million times since it was posted Monday evening.

While the American media turns a blind eye to Joe Biden’s advancing age and declining cognitive health, the rest of the world isn’t blind to it. Both our allies and enemies can see just how feeble and decrepit the so-called “Leader of the Free World” is.

And they’re laughing at him.

Studio 22 is broadcast on a television network owned by the Saudi government. Don’t underestimate how significant that is.