School Bans Skirts To Be More Gender Neutral

( A school in Devon, England has decided to change its school uniform policy to “trousers-only” as a way to be “more gender-neutral.”

In a letter to parents, Tiverton High School said it had decided to follow the lead of some other secondary schools by implementing a gender-neutral uniform policy. While the majority of the uniform will remain unchanged, beginning in September, all students regardless of sex will be expected to wear pants.

Some parents, however, objected to the school making the decision unilaterally without consulting with either the students or their parents.

One parent complained that the school acted undemocratically by not permitting “the established pupil forums” to weigh in on the change. He was also miffed that these pupil forums were also left out of the school’s other changes, including the reduction of lunch break and the school’s start/finish times.

Tiverton headmistress Sammy Crook defended the move, saying going to all slacks was approved by the school governors “and balances the demands placed on us in matters including standards of education, parental cost, inclusivity, and student health.”

Are skirts bad for a student’s health?

Crook also said the current trend among Tiverton girls has been to abuse the school’s current dress code by wearing skirts shorter than allowed. She said that too played a part in the decision to do away with skirts altogether.

But shouldn’t allowing girls to wear shorter skirts also fall under “inclusivity?”

It is odd that Crook chose to focus on the “gender-neutral” angle rather than the “some of your trampy daughters are wearing their skirts too short” angle.

Before the uniform policy changes, Tiverton already permitted girls to opt for pants rather than skirts. Ironically, Tiverton also allowed boys to eschew pants in favor of a skirt. It is unclear if some of the boys were also wearing their skirts too short.