School Now To Be Used As Propaganda Outlet After They Held A Vote

( It isn’t just the Loudoun County School Board that is full of divisive grievance mongers. This week the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors voted 6 to 3 to form a committee made up of both county and school board members to study the harm done to black communities by previous boards over the last eighty years in order to determine what Loudoun County could do to achieve “equity.”

The measure was brought by County Supervisor Juli Briskman who claimed that, despite the 1954 Brown v Board of Education ruling, Loudoun County is still “operating segregated schools.”

Briskman bragged about how proud she was to sign a “joint letter of apology” for what she called “the illegal operation of segregated schools.”

But what really seems to bother Juli Briskman is the massive opposition among parents to permit the radical Critical Race Theory being taught in Loudoun County schools – which apparently Juli thinks is proof that segregation still exists. Briskman believes opposing CRT is an effort “to undermine the education of students of color.”

Guaranteed there is a dog-eared copy of “White Fragility” on Juli Briskman’s coffee table.

In short, Juli Briskman is accusing opponents of CRT of trying to segregate schools because opposing CRT creates what she calls “deep and lasting disparities in the black community and potentially inhibited the ability of black Loudouners to achieve the same degree of academic, economic, and social success as their white counterparts.”

Is she kidding with this?

This is a laughable attempt to counter the rising anger among parents, nothing more. Sadly six of the nine County Supervisors bought into her specious claims.

Republican Supervisors Caleb Kershner, Matt Letourneau and Tony Buffington voted against the plan, citing questions and concerns over Briskman’s motion.

Supervisor Letourneau believes that focusing on economic development or “business grants for the disadvantaged” would be far more effective than examining the last 80 years of Loudoun County looking for signs of discrimination.

Prior to the vote, Supervisor Kershner expressed concern that Briskman’s proposal, while not outright mentioning reparations, does in fact allude to potential reparations. He also said that Briskman failed to provide any present-day examples of this systemic racism she’s squawking about.