Sean Hannity Reacts To Hiring Of Brian Stelter

( After it was announced that Brian Stelter, a former host on CNN, would be joining the Shorenstein Center for Media, Politics, and Public Policy at the Harvard Kennedy School, Sean Hannity had a field day.

The center boasted that Stelter would organize a series of debates regarding risks to democracy and the variety of potential solutions from the news media. They said Stelter focuses on how news organizations may best respond to these challenges.

Last month, CNN terminated Stelter’s employment and canceled the program “Reliable Sources,” which he had been hosting since 2013. He was and still is a vehement opponent of Fox News’s programming and policies.

On Monday, Hannity referred to him as a “recently-fired professional Fox News and Hannity-stalker.” “Hannity-stalker” is an apt nickname. Many Fox personalities live rent-free in Stelter’s enormous head.

Hannity, speaking about Stelter, said, “Fake news CNN’s Humpty Dumpty, had a great fall.”  He then discussed Stelter’s latest “achievement.”

“I can’t even believe it myself, but he just got a fellowship to teach a class at Harvard University on ‘so-called challenges to democracy.'”

Hannity continued, saying, “This is how far down Harvard has fallen. They brought on board Humpty Dumpty.”

The host of Fox News then taunted Stelter, suggesting Humpty invite him in as a guest speaker.

He said, “I’ll do two hours straight.” He said he’d make it an audio/visual production that’ll be an extravaganza. He’d show every falsehood that he and his former colleagues at liberal networks have been spreading across this country for years, along with every piece of evidence that demonstrates how they lied.

Hannity stated that Stelter was exaggerating the probe into the purported ties between Trump and Russia.

The Fox host noted that Stelter supported the fake claims made by Jussie Smollett and asked if he felt that was a hate crime. He asked if the laptop belonging to Hunter Biden was a source of Russian propaganda.

Speaking about Harvard, Hannity said that when all was said and done, he could not believe how low they’d sunk.