Sean Hannity Says Trump Called for Peaceful Protest on Jan 6

( During his hourlong interview with former President Donald Trump last Tuesday night, Sean Hannity had some harsh words for the House select committee investigating the January 6 riot at the Capitol and defended Trump against the allegations that the former president’s speech to the Stop the Steal rally “incited” the rioters.

Hannity demanded to know why Congress didn’t create a similar committee to investigate the rioting that occurred throughout the summer of 2020 after the in-custody death of George Floyd. He asked where were all the arrests and prosecutions of the hundreds of people caught on video committing crimes during those Black Lives Matter riots.

Former President Trump pointed out that had he not said he would send the National Guard to Seattle, “nothing would have happened.”

Hannity said that the select committee began its investigation with “a pre-determined conclusion” in order to “once again” bludgeon Trump. Hannity condemned the rioting on January 6 and argued that during his speech, Trump had called on people to “peacefully and patriotically march to the Capitol so your voices will be heard.” Then he added that the select committee forgets that Trump said that.

They didn’t “forget;” they just don’t care.

Watch the clip HERE.