Sean Spicer Says “Trump’s Running

( During a preview interview promoting his upcoming book Radical Nation: Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’s Dangerous Plan for America, former Trump press secretary Sean Spicer said he believes Donald Trump is definitely running in 2024, summing up his assessment with “He’s in.”

Spicer believes that Biden’s mounting failures have definitely encouraged the former President to look beyond the 2022 Midterm elections and consider another run in 2024. Spicer explained that a couple months ago, he wasn’t sure about a Trump 2024 bid. But now “there needs to be something that will keep him out.”

As pollster John McLaughlin said recently, the more Joe Biden fails as president, the better President Trump’s time in office looks. McLaughlin compared Trump’s possible 2024 return to that of Ronald Reagan in 1980. Reagan had tried and failed to secure the 1976 nomination away from Gerald Ford. But in 1980 he came roaring back, and thanks to a very weak Jimmy Carter, Reagan won in a landslide.

McLaughlin believes that if Trump does run in 2024, he would be “better, smarter” this time around. But McLaughlin also believes it’s possible that, if Trump helps secure massive wins for the Republicans in 2022, he may be less inclined to throw his hat into the ring in 2024.

Trump would turn 78 in 2025 – which is the same age Joe Biden is today. And while Trump may be raising money and getting in better shape, his age is something he cannot change. The question is whether voters want a second consecutive president who will turn eighty in office.

Whatever the case may be, Biden’s ever-increasing resume of failure is making Americans sour on the guy.

A recent Fox News poll showed that nearly 80 percent of Americans blame Biden for the return of Carter-era inflation and economic malaise. Seventy percent say the national economy is in terrible shape. For people earning less than $50,000, the increased cost of basic necessities like gas and groceries are causing significant financial hardship.

Couple that with the disastrous crisis at the southern border, the bungled COVID response and the unfolding disaster in Afghanistan with the Taliban poised to take over the entire country, it is clear that President Biden has failed on virtually every front.

In that respect, McLaughlin is right. The mounting failures are making more and more Americans realize just how good things were when Trump was President.