Secret “Journalist” Who Infiltrated Far-Right Ambushed And Beaten By ANTIFA

( A documentary that was just released shows members of Antifa assaulting a journalist who went undercover with the far-right group Patriotic Alternative. The documentary was produced by Channel 4 in the United Kingdom.

In the documentary “The Enemy Within: The Far Right: Dispatches,” an undercover journalist named Elliot is followed as he works his way up through the ranks of a far-right organization in the United Kingdom over the course of one year.

A clip from the documentary shows Elliot strolling alongside members of the organization as they deliver pamphlets to people’s houses. The journalist asks the people he is leafleting with why they had picked that area.

One gang member says that it’s Rotherham, and they’re on the outskirts, which is mainly white and highly working class.

A voice-over says, “they believe they’re alone, but today, others are watching.”

Elliot is confronted by an opposition group of individuals dressed in black bloc with their faces veiled as he walks away from a house and towards the street. They advance on him and launch an assault.

Elliot keeps repeating his message, “No, no, no, no, no, listen, I am an undercover journalist,” to convince the other people to pay attention to what he is saying.

They do not listen.

“Are you?” a masked militant ridicules as Elliot is assaulted.

“Mate! Listen to me!” yells Elliot as the masked militants resume their assault.

“I’m being serious!” he wails.

He is thrown to the ground and attacked before he can escape, racing down the street to a backup car.

The voice-over stated that the journalist blamed the attack on “far-left antifascists.”

The Patriotic Alternative had been dropping off leaflets in the Rotherham area, which were revealed to be “fake” Labour and Conservative party leaflets that sought to persuade people to vote against these parties.

Elliot reports that he has been attacked by three men.

The voice-over states that Elliot blamed the attack on “far-left antifascists.”

Maybe having walked a mile in the shoes of the patriots, the beaten journalist will see things through a different lens.