Secretary of State Warns US Will Take Action if China Invades Taiwan

( During a New York Times forum on Wednesday, Secretary of State Antony Blinken said if China were to use military force against Taiwan, the United States and its allies would “take action.”

Asked again about the United States’ position regarding the possibility of China taking military action against Taiwan, Secretary Blinken said that the US must ensure that Taiwan “has the means to defend itself.” He added that the best deterrent against “any very, very, very unfortunate action” is to ensure Taiwan has “a credible self-defense capability.”

But, Blinken added, the United States is not alone in its determination to preserve the peace and stability in that region. Blinken said that many countries throughout the region and the world would view any unilateral use of force disrupting the status quo “as a significant threat to peace and security.” And, like the US, these nations would take action to prevent that from happening.

Asked specifically what actions the US would take should China invade Taiwan, Blinken only said that the US would ensure Taiwan can defend itself. He said the objective is to make sure that it never gets to the point where “anyone” tries to “disrupt the status quo by force.”

Blinken added that the US must “make sure deterrence is there” and “no one” takes any action that would be “profoundly, profoundly disruptive” or a danger to world peace and security.

“Anyone.” “No one.” Isn’t it fascinating how Blinken can’t even bring himself to say “China?”

This administration’s entire Taiwan strategy is based on one thing: hoping China behaves itself.

Back in October, President Biden’s national security advisor Jake Sullivan told the BBC that the “action” the administration is taking is to “try to prevent that day from ever coming to pass.”

Yes, and? What if they fail?

What if China, after watching what unfolded in Afghanistan, views the Biden administration as nothing but a paper tiger and decides to invade Taiwan? What will the White House do?

Prattling on about the “status quo” and warning that invasion would be “profoundly, profoundly disruptive” won’t be enough.

The problem for this administration is its unwillingness to view China as anything more than a competitor.

Blinken even admitted on Wednesday that the US is not looking to “decouple” from Beijing, asserting that this administration doesn’t want to contain China or hold China back. Instead, they are more interested in maintaining the status quo.