Self-Proclaimed “Fact-Checkers” Left Something Out Of Infamous “Nazi” George Soros Interview

( Matt Palumbo, the author of The Man Behind the Curtain: Inside the Secret Network of George Soros, recently fact-checked the fact-checkers in a piece for

Palumbo described how liberal so-called “fact-checkers” and publications, sympathetic to far-left financier Soros, have repeatedly misrepresented an interview from 1998 in which he discussed his role as a teenager in Nazi-occupied Hungary. He also revealed the truth behind the interview and what role Soros played during Nazi occupation.

“In spring 1944, the Nazis ordered the creation of the Central Council of Hungarian Jews, which was tasked with communicating the wishes of the Nazis and local collaborating authorities to the Jewish community. The council included Jews who were aware of the Nazis’ atrocities but believed that they would be exempted from them. And they were exempted from persecution—initially,” Palumbo writes.

He describes how Soros was a member of the council before assuming a new identity, and told the New Yorker that working as a courier, delivering summonses to fellow Jews was a “profoundly important” experience for him. George Soros’ father, Tivadar, also recalled that after George’s second day on the job, his son returned home with a summons and he asked if he knew what it meant.

“I can guess. They’ll be interned,” George told his father.

He knew exactly what it meant.

Palumbo also described how Sor’s biographer noted that George had “liked the excitement of being a courier.”

Soros would also later cite his experience working for the Nazis as a reason for “disliking fellow Jews for being collaborators, while exempting himself.”

Ask yourself…why would far-left news outlets and reporters go to great lengths to protect a man like this?

Could it be the billions of dollars he has pumped into various left-wing causes in recent years?

You can read Palumbo’s full expose of Soros’ work for the Nazis here, and buy the book here.