Showtime Previews PROPAGANDA Drama Show Depicting Trump As Criminal, Pushes Russia Hoax

( Showtime just previewed a trailer for a TV remake of former FBI Director James Comey’s memoir. The trailer shows Brendan Gleeson as Donald Trump and Jeff Daniels as James Comey in a dramatized version of the memoir. It suggests that President Donald Trump was involved in a conspiracy to derail the Clinton campaign, parrots disproven claims about the Trump campaign, and generally attempts to portray Comey’s version of events as true.

Right before a presidential election.

How many people do you think will watch this, expecting that Showtime wouldn’t be so irresponsible as to depict something that isn’t true?

You can see the trailer below. See how long you can go without gasping in shock.

Can you believe that? We should remind readers at this point that Comey’s investigation found no evidence whatsoever that the Trump campaign cooperated or collaborated with Russia.

If Showtime had an ounce of respect for the American people, it would start the show with a disclaimer stating that the four-hour dramatization is historically inaccurate and makes false claims. Because, as we found in the Comey investigation, there is still no evidence that President Trump or his campaign had any involvement with Russia.

The show will premiere on September 27th, and it’s based on the book published by Comey in 2018, “A Higher Loyalty.” If you weren’t aware already, Comey has an extreme bias in favor of Hillary Clinton and against President Donald Trump. Showtime even acknowledged that in a scene where Comey sighs when he is informed that Donald Trump won the 2016 election.

There has already been some fairly substantial backlash, as you would expect. If you look beyond the comments from Democrats fawning over how dramatic it looks – and how they think it’s historically accurate – you’ll find journalists, conservatives, and sane people asking questions about why conspiracy theories are now so openly accepted.

Mollie Hemingway retweeted the trailer, saying it was proof that the Democrats, media, and Never Trump activist don’t care about conspiracy theories being adopted by political fringes.

So not only are the Democrats and their allies trying to implement universal mail-in voting, which leaves the election wide open to fraud, they’re resuscitating the disproven Russia hoax. Incredible!