“Sky News” Interview Shut Down After Man Reports Something About Zelensky

(TheLibertyRevolution.com)- Following a comment about Ukrainian President Zelensky publishing a photograph of a soldier wearing SS insignia, a Sky News interview with a Russian official was ended prematurely.

Russian First Deputy Permanent Representative to the United Nations Dmitry Polyanskiy was interviewed on Sky News about the British Defense Secretary’s comparison of Russian troops to nazis. Polyanskiy then revealed Zelensky’s Instagram post of Ukrainian soldiers and civilians in a photograph. He pointed out that one of the Ukrainian soldiers was wearing a symbol of the Totenkopf division of the SS.

According to reports, Polyanskiy pointed to a soldier in the picture and asked if the host was aware that he was wearing an emblem of a German SS division during WWII. He then accused Zelensky of publishing photos with insignias of Right Sector combatants [illegal in Russia] on the commemoration of World War II Victory Day.

Polyanskiy further stated that the pictorial was deleted from Instagram thirty minutes later and then accused the United Kingdom of covering up for Ukrainian authorities that displayed the Nazi symbols.
Reports show that the Sky News host interrupted Polyanski from making further statements and quickly ended the interview, claiming the segment had run out of time.
Although the photograph at issue had been deleted from social media, the remarks posted by social media users who responded to Zelensky’s choice of images can still be seen in the Instagram post’s comment section, according to news reports.
Later, on the social media platform Telegram, Polyanskiy mocked the West’s so-called “freedom of speech,” claiming that from now on, the media will hesitate to invite Russian diplomats on live broadcast again.
News reports show that after the separatist republics of Donetsk and Luhansk of Ukraine requested assistance in protecting themselves against alleged Ukrainian aggression, Russia initiated a military campaign in Ukraine on February 24th. Russia claims the operation’s purpose is to demilitarize and “de-Nazify” Ukraine.