Social Justice Warrior Dies Of Gunshot In D.C.

( Following a collision with a driver operating a stolen vehicle in Washington, DC, just before 5:30 a.m. on Tuesday, social justice warrior Kelvin Blowe was shot dead.

According to The Washington Post, the thief of the stolen automobile got out and shot Blowe after the collision. Authorities stated that Blowe also had a firearm since they found it beside his body.

Blowe, a former Marine who had served a five-year prison term for robbery, was working with DC Justice Lab to promote changes to the criminal law of Washington, DC. He felt disparate punishments were meted out to those who committed the same offenses, and he sought to change.

The law being promoted by the DC Justice Lab “passed on Tuesday, hours after Blowe was killed,” according to FOX 5 DC.

It has been noted that 2022 marked the earliest year since 2003 when DC passed the 100-homicide mark.

The gun control organization founded by Gabby Giffords notes that DC has a variety of restrictions, including universal background checks, gun registration requirements, a red flag law, “assault weapon restrictions,” waiting periods, a “large capacity magazine ban,” and “gun owner licensing.”

Yet, Blowe was gunned down.

Blowe’s uncle, Rev Keith Johnson, said he helped raise Blowe and his three brothers.

Johnson stated, “So it’s my son, my nephew, and my business partner.” It is a terrible loss for everyone involved.

He claimed Blowe had always been driven to help people, even as a young child, and this motivated him to enlist in the Marines. After his military duty, Blowe allegedly had PTSD, followed by problems with substance misuse, and eventually ended up in prison. But since his release, he has dedicated himself to assisting others in obtaining the services they require following their incarceration.

“My nephew was attempting to bring the community together,” Johnson added.

Blowe utilized his time in prison while working as a policy and advocacy fellow at DC Justice Lab.

He participated in the historic criminal code reform testimony before the DC Council. The bill was eventually passed on Tuesday, a day after he was assassinated.

Executive Director of DC Justice Lab Patrice Sulton remarked, “It’s kind of hard to put what it feels like to witness his work come to completion without being able to partake in that celebration with him. “The timing of it is, in some respects, a further injury on top of the loss. And I believe we lost a powerful voice in a significant movement, and we won’t be able to replace it.”

As of Sunday, the matter is still being investigated, and no arrests have been made, according to D.C. Police.

Family members suggest making gifts to the charity Alpha and Omega Community Services in Blowe’s memory.