Soros Ally Pushes For Electronic Voting

( A group of lawmakers in Colorado who are backed by liberal billionaire George Soros are pressing forward with a bill they believe will enhance election security, but will likely do the exact opposite.
The bill, called SB22-153, is being sponsored by two members of the state Senate — one Republican and one Democrat — as well as one Democratic state representative. Nineteen other state senators, all Democrats, are co-sponsoring the bill.
The state Senate already passed the bill 21-13, and it is currently under consideration over in the state House. It’s also getting heavy support from Jena Griswold, the Colorado secretary of state who also chairs an organization that’s funded by Soros.
The bill, which is being dubbed as the “Colorado Election Security Act,” requires around-the-clock surveillance of all electronic voting machines in the state. It also mandates every election official to undergo a “curriculum for certification” that would include taking courses regarding “professional development … election security, combating misinformation and disinformation related to the administration of elections.”
Even people who do indeed support votes being tabulated electronically are issuing warnings about the bill. That includes Lauren Bowman, who serves as the Public Interest Legal Foundation’s spokeswoman. She recently issued a statement that read:
“This Colorado bill calls for electronic tabulation. This will be a great improvement for Colorado’s elections. Since Colorado is almost exclusively a vote by mail state, you don’t want humans doing paper counting unless the machine malfunctions. This is exactly what the bill calls for.
“Unfortunately, this bill includes a provision that says election officials must be trained in combating misinformation about election administration. This is a dangerous line when we empower the government to determine what is misinformation.”
The secretary of state in Colorado would also be given the power through this bill to allow ballots to be counted manually if the hardware or software ends up malfunctioning and thereby rendering electronic tabulation impossible.
The Colorado Department of State issued a press release that said this bill as “the cornerstone of Secretary of State Jena Griswold’s election security priorities for the 2022 legislative session.”
The issue is that Griswold has been backed financially by people like Soros who push extreme left-wing agendas. Soros in particular has dumped loads of money into local and state elections to overhaul what are considered norms in favor of very progressive causes.
One of the people who have donated to Griswold in the past is Jennifer Allan Soros, who is the wife of one of the sons of George Soros. The secretary of state also serves as the chair of the Democratic Association of Secretaries of State, which received a big donation of $1 million from the Democracy PAC.
That political action committee is led by George Soros’ son Alexander, and has received $125 million from Soros himself.
In other words, left-wing extremists have a direct hand in where Griswold is today. So, it’s only natural that conservatives are questioning the legitimacy of Colorado’s “Election Security Act” she’s now touting.