Stacy Abrams Lands Another Hollywood Project

( Stacey Abrams, the radical left-winger and so-called “voting rights activist” responsibly for the loosening of voting rules in Georgia and potentially the two Democrat senate victories in the state last year, is reportedly getting a TV adaptation of her new novel, “While Justice Sleeps.”

Yeah, it’s the first time we’re hearing that she’s a novelist, too.

NBC Universal International Studio is reportedly working on an adaptation of the “legal thriller,” giving Abrams an executive producer spot on the production of the new series. However, no streaming platform or network has yet to be announced to distribute it.

But you can bet some woke platform is going to love this.

Tim Bevan, the co-chairman of Working Title Television – part of NBC’s studios – said they were “elated” to have successfully competed with other production companies to take the rights to turn the novel into a series.

“This is one of those rare moments when the opportunity feels right, and we look forward to developing this thrilling project with the multi-hyphenate Abrams.”

Incredibly, it’s not the only time that Abrams has worked with Hollywood. CBS is reportedly working on a new drama series based on a romance novel that she wrote and published back in 2004 under the pen name “Selena Montgomery.”

Seriously, did you know she wrote novels as well as made elections easier to steal?

Abrams famously promoted herself as the ideal vice presidential candidate for Joe Biden’s ticket through 2020, but ultimately lost out to far-left former Senator for California, Kamala Harris. Since then, Abrams has been on a victory lap for her work in Georgia, and has started to cash in on the fame she generated in 2017 when she lost the Georgia gubernatorial race.