State Sends CHILD PROTECTIVE SERVICES After Salon Owner Who Opened Up Against Lockdown Orders

( Lindsey Graham, the owner of a hair and beauty salon in Salem, Oregon, told the press last week how the state sent child protective services after her as punishment for opening up her business against lockdown rules. CPS was dispatched to her home after defying the measures by in place by Democratic Oregon Governor Kate Brown.

Graham is one of several salon owners across the country who have defied orders and opened up their businesses, while practicing social distancing, to earn money at a time when the economy has come grinding to a halt.

In an interview with Breitbart’s Joel Pollak, Graham described how the state government bullied and harassed her after she made the bold decision to offer her services to local residents desperately in need of haircuts at a time when she was also losing money every day the business was closed.

She explained how an agent from the Child Protective Services authority in Oregon arrived at her home on the same day that she opened her store, in what appears to have been a warning shot from the authorities.

“On May 7th, I got a phone call from my nanny,” she said. “As soon as I went to work, a DHS officer came to my home and tried to speak to her and she said, ‘I don’t feel comfortable answering any questions for you. I think you need to call the homeowner.’ So DHS basically stopped by my house and said they had some claims against me and my family about our home being unfit.”

She revealed how that same Child Protective Services agent then returned to their home the next Monday to perform an interview. The agent separate Graham, her child, and her husband.

Explaining how she felt when the agent returned to her home, she said, “my intention was, ‘Great, let this guy in and let him see what a great, loving, clean, and happy home we have, so he’ll just kind of get out of here.’”

“He interviewed myself and my husband in separate rooms,” she added. “He interviewed my six-year-old boy in a separate room and he searched out home.”

Graham even said that the agent made her open the fridge and lift up the toilet seats, before stating the claims were bogus.

“This is definitely some kind of vendetta, sending a government agency after my family,” she added.

Since the visit, municipal authorities have threatened Graham with the termination of her license, and a $70,000 fine. She was later fined $14,000 for running a “hazardous facilities” and risking the safety of her employees, despite the fact her business doesn’t have employees but partners who have independent contractors who chose to work there.

If this isn’t bullying from the state government, what is?