Steve Bannon Claims Top Democrat Candidate Isn’t “Even Close To Human”

( It is difficult to deny that the Pennsylvania Senate contest between Mehmet Oz and John Fetterman has been compelling, regardless of one’s political views.

Additionally, it has occasionally been downright hilarious to watch Fetterman, a Democrat, and Oz, a Republican backed by Trump, trade insults on Twitter.

But who anticipated Steve Bannon’s arrival?

He joined the controversy this week on the social media platform “Gettr,” sharing an article from the Washington Free Beacon that showed Fetterman and his wife, Giselle, taking a picture next to someone dressed as an anime character. The costume was a touch spooky.

Even John had an extra scary expression on his ordinarily scary face when the picture was taken, but it appeared to be all in good fun.

However, the Free Beacon erroneously claimed that Fetterman was involved in a “Democratic Grooming Scandal” using that image, and Bannon pounced.

Bannon asked if Fetterman perhaps worshiped Satan.

“Is Fetterman satanic?? … his look, his vibe, his associations … has there ever been anyone in the history of the country that exudes more just pure evil than this guy … the Citizens of the Commonwealth need to ask themselves — do we want someone who hangs with Satanic Groomers to represent us in the US Senate,” Bannon wrote.

In response to John Fetterman’s call for the release of hundreds of seasoned criminals from jail to prey on the helpless, Steve Bannon on Sunday called Fetterman a satanist.

Theodore Bannon Fetterman is a Satanist, and releasing hardened criminals to prey on an innocent populace is just what the Devil would do. Look at his eyes; they are not human-like at all. Why is he not in the open; he is too Demonic to even show himself and be expelled.

Social media users slammed Bannon for his claim because there is no evidence or reliable links to support it. Except for his face. And some of his fringe views.

One Twitter user wrote, “Steve Bannon labeling Fetterman satanic is kind of like Keith Richards asking someone to cut back on their drinking.”

Another person wrote that Steve Bannon claims that another person exudes pure wickedness and has a “satanic” appearance- Yep, Projection Land is having a day like that.

People continued to pig-pile Bannon. But then, sadly, the accusations of antisemitism began.

“Let’s not forget that Fetterman is Jewish,” tweeted actor and comedian Keith Lyle. “That is REALLY the situation at hand. Bannon refers to Jews as “Globalists” and, while working at Breitbart, used to indicate that someone was Jewish by placing a globe symbol next to their name.”

One isn’t sure if Lyle is aware that Jewish parents adopted and raised Breitbart.