Steve Bannon Evicted From Monastery

( Apparently former Trump White House staffer Steve Bannon and a British business partner, Benjamin Harnwell, had been leasing an 800-year-old mountaintop monastery in Italy where they planned to launch a school – the Academy for the Judeo-Christian West. The school was part of Bannon and Harnwell’s organization The Dignitatis Humanae Institute.

Harnwell, who lives at the monastery, had told the New Yorker earlier this year that the academy had already received more than five thousand applicants. According to Steve Bannon, the mission of the academy was to generate a new generation of “Tom Cottons, Mike Pompeos, Nikki Haleys.”

Well, if the applicants get accepted, they’re going to have to find somewhere else to study because the Italian courts have evicted Bannon and Harnwell from the monastery.

This eviction was the latest move in a prolonged legal battle that has been going on in the Italian courts since the lease was granted in 2017. In March, the Council of State, the top administrative court in Italy, ruled that the Italian government had the right to revoke the 19-year lease on the Certosa di Trisulti monastery that had been granted to Bannon and Harnwell.

The Council of State’s ruling overturned a previous ruling made by a regional administrative court last year. The Dignitatis Humanae Institute was ordered to be out of the monastery by July 26. Harnwell, who is still living at the monastery, intends to appeal the decision.

But Harnwell’s legal problems in connection to the monastery lease are more involved. The public prosecutor’s office in Rome has brought criminal charges on Harnwell for falsifying claims on his lease application for the Certosa di Trisulti monastery. He is also charged with failure to pay the rent. A hearing on these charges is scheduled for November.

The Italian culture ministry along with a group of local organizations and representatives are hoping to open the Certosa di Trisulti monastery to the public. The 13th century monastery is already named a national monument.