Steve Bannon Exposes Fake “Fact-Checker” On National TV

( Steve Bannon, the former Trump advisor who now hosts the hugely popular “War Room” video podcast, exposed the co-founder of social media’s primary fact-checking partner “Lead Stories” during a recent interview.

It’s incredible that Alan Duke, who provides “fact-checking” services for Facebook and TikTok, went on Bannon’s podcast in the first place – but it’s his admission that he refuses to drop clients who have connections to the Chinese Communist Party that is even more astounding.

Duke, whose “fact-checking” service is responsible for silencing journalists and media outlets who criticize President Joe Biden and his policies on major social media platforms, claimed that the “Lead Stories” platform is “unbiased” despite records from the Federal Election Commission showing that every single donation from employees of his company was given to Democrats or anti-Trump campaign groups.

Duke, who is also the Editor-in-Chief of Lead Stories, tried to claim that co-founder Perry Sanders once donated to the Republican Party as if that makes it any better…but failed to admit that Sanders is a hardcore anti-Trump “Republican.”

When Duke was asked on the War Room podcast about his work with ByteDance, a CCP-connected Chinese social media company, he admitted that Lead Stories had a contract with the company to consult them on “misinformation” being shared on their platforms.

Bannon then asked him if he would drop ByteDance as a client if he was to show Duke documents from the State Department that reveal how ByteDance is a mouthpiece for the CCP’s information arm. He immediately said “no.”

He claimed that he is an American company providing a service, making it “free enterprise.”

Is it, though?

Or is it working with a foreign government that is actively working against American interests?