Steve Bannon Mocks Guest For Saying 2020 Wasn’t Rigged: “You Still Want To Go On Fox.”

( Stephen Moore, a conservative-leaning economist, was cut off by former Trump campaign manager Steve Bannon on Thursday after Moore inadvertently mentioned the 2020 election.

Moore thanked Bannon for the invitation and told him that he was fascinated listening to his discussion with Jason Turner. Moore said he agreed with just about everything that Jason said. Moore then claimed he was frustrated that the American voters made such a terrible mistake in the 2020 election in electing Biden. If Trump were still in office, the country would not be suffering under Joe Biden’s catastrophic policies.

In a light-hearted moment, Bannon interrupted Moore.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa!” he exclaimed. He asked Moore if he meant that the mistake was we didn’t fight hard enough to stop the election steal. He then reminded Moore that he was in The War Room. Bannon laughed and said that it was okay. He knew Moore still wanted to be able to go on FOX News. Moore laughed out loud.

Bannon then turned the discussion to the policies of the ‘illegitimate Biden regime.’ He asked Moore if he recognized any logic or reason in what they had done so far?

Moore said most Americans do not know how bad the economy can get. It was not COVID-19 that brought the economy down; it was Biden’s policies. Moore believes there are severe leadership issues in this country. We’ve only been getting ‘happy talk’ about the economy for the past two years. No one in the administration has any business experience. The majority of the Biden cabinet members have never worked in business. They hate small businesses, any businesses, and they know nothing about payroll.

On a related note, election analyst Captain Seth Keshel appeared on Bannon’s War Room several days later to discuss the ‘excess votes’ corroborated by multiple 2020 election analyses. The video is a good summary of just a fraction of what went on during the 2020 election. Surprisingly, some people refuse to investigate for themselves
and will only believe what the Biden Administration or the media tell them.

Perhaps the Republicans and Democrats who strongly deny any possibility of voter or election fraud (or irregularities) are worried their constituents will find out they didn’t win their seats fairly.