Steve Bannon Reacts To Attacks Over “Great Replacement Theory”

( This week, podcaster Steve Bannon vowed not to back down from raising the alarm about the flood of illegal immigration at the southern border or promoting American nationalism, despite the Left’s attempt to smear national populists in the wake of Saturday’s mass shooting in Buffalo.

The shooter posted a rambling, racist 180-page screed to the internet before killing 10 people in a Buffalo grocery store. In it, he promoted the so-called “great replacement” theory which claims that a cabal of Jews is trying to eradicate those of European descent through mass immigration and declining birth rates.

The media was quick to leap onto the shooter’s screed to paint Republicans and conservatives as embracing the same beliefs as the gunman by conflating opposition to mass illegal immigration with the kooky “great replacement” theory.

In his podcast, Bannon accused the media of trying to distract the public from the Democrat Party’s “lies and misrepresentations.” He blasted TV news shows for attacking Fox News host Tucker Carlson and others by claiming they believe the same theory the gunman espoused in his screed.

Explaining that the media misses the point, Bannon said he wasn’t going to “back off.” The nationalism he espouses, Bannon added, is “inclusive nationalism.” He pointed out that Hispanics and blacks are abandoning the Democrat party to join the Republicans “in droves” because the GOP is the inclusive party that puts all American citizens first.

He vowed not to back off “one inch,” explaining that “inclusive nationalism” or “participatory populism” will be what changes the country. He argued that it isn’t about whites versus other races, rather it is about how unfettered immigration compromises US sovereignty and devalues US citizenship.

Bannon added that “inclusive nationalism” is a threat to the Democrat Party because it will be the movement that helps the Republicans take back the White House.

He went on to declare that inclusive nationalists will “take over” election boards, medical boards, state legislatures, district attorney’s offices, state attorneys general, secretaries of state, and governors, “and we’re not going to stop.”

“We are ascendant,” he added.