Steve Bannon Wants To Abolish The Fed

( iOTWreport says that Steve Bannon, a former Trump adviser, made a case for abolishing the Federal Reserve in a speech to conservatives on Friday.

Instead, he demanded that the bank be given back to the people of the United States and blasted its excessive money production.

The Fed should be abolished, not audited, Bannon said. His point was that the American people’s power and that of the Federal Reserve had been hijacked.

At the CPAC conference in Dallas, Texas, he demanded war. Former President Trump will be the featured guest on Saturday.

Seth Dillon of the Babylon Bee expressed concern at Biden’s absurd electoral victory and reaffirmed his claim that the poll was rigged.

It’s war, Bannon claimed. He declared, “Politically and philosophically, we are at war.”

See the video HERE.

After being found guilty of contempt of Congress for refusing to cooperate with the January 6 House investigation, Bannon will be sentenced in October. This is a two-tiered structure. While the Fast and Furious crisis was going on, Eric Holder refused to work with Congress.

On Friday, Bannon delivered one of his most incisive statements, criticizing the central bank.

The Fed has printed trillions of dollars since the pandemic started to keep the economy afloat.

It’s their biggest ruse, he retorted.

He said, “The dollar is our largest export, yet it all falls on our youngsters.”
According to Bannon, everything has been turned up. The Federal Reserve will print money. They are discussing notes worth a trillion dollars.

Kari Lake, a conservative who triumphed in Arizona’s GOP primary last week, was lauded by Bannon.
Before the midterm elections in November, he pushed conservatives to organize.
The Biden administration was dubbed “cheese-eating surrender monkeys” by Sen. Ted Cruz for failing to confront China after a former state media editor demanded that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s plane be shot down when she was in Taiwan.

He claimed that the White House is putting everyone in danger.

He cited Pelosi’s visit—the first by a House speaker in more than 20 years—as evidence for his assertion that tensions between Washington and Beijing, which recently conducted live-fire drills near the island, have increased.

Cruz said that the White House press secretary was asked what the White House thinks about the possibility that China would shoot down Pelosi’s plane.

Jeanne-reaction Pierre’s was, “We have no position on it,” Cruz said in awe.

Although I dislike Pelosi, I must ask, “What the hell is wrong with you?” Cruz shouted.

Everything about them is flawed. Everything.