Supreme Court Agrees To Hear Challenges To Vaccine Mandates

( The Supreme Court announced on Wednesday that it will soon hear legal challenges to President Joe Biden’s employer vaccine mandates – meaning that some time next month we could finally hear whether or not the president technically overstepped his legal authority.

But by then, will it matter? Or will enough people have been scared into taking a vaccine that they just don’t want?

In two orders both issued last Wednesday, the Supreme Court said that it would hear oral arguments on the vaccine-or-test mandate put in place for employees of large companies, as well as a regulation issued by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services that require all healthcare workers to get vaccinated or lose their jobs, on January 7.

The Supreme Court also deferred a ruling on whether or not to block the new rules until after they hear the challenges. Both new rules are expected to go in place in January, so for many key workers and employees of large companies, this Christmas was a time of making big decisions – either accepting that they will lose their jobs, or getting the vaccine even if they don’t want it.

Both new regulations have caused widespread controversy, and several lawsuits relating to the proposed legislation have been met with disagreements in the lower courts. It prompted the Supreme Court to get involved and make the final judgment on whether the president can really force people to take the vaccine.

In a statement on Wednesday, controversial White House press secretary Jen Psaki said that the administration remains “confident in the legal authority” of their requirements and said that they will vigorously defend the measures in court.

Let’s see.