Supreme Court Reaches Special Decision In Abortion Case

( On Thursday, the United States Supreme Court delivered another victory for life, rejecting a request by abortion providers to send the Texas pro-life legislation – known as the “Heartbeat Bill” – back to the District Courts.

In a brief order, the Supreme Court allowed the legislation to remain in effect and denied a petition to send it back to the lower courts where left-wing judges may have been willing to defy the United States Constitution and rule it unconstitutional. The decision by the Supreme Court means that the battle over the law will likely continue for much longer, but it does protect unborn children in the meantime.

The Supreme Court effectively upheld a 2-1 ruling from the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, who rejected the request initially on Monday. Only days later, the Supreme Court confirmed that it was the right decision.

The Court of Appeals argued that there was too much ambiguity with regards to the meaning of the Texas legislation to give federal courts the ability to act on legal challenges without guidance from the Supreme Court.

Under the law, abortions are outlawed once a woman has been pregnant for six weeks. At this stage of the pregnancy, the unborn child has detectable cardiac activity. It is a great compromise law, which doesn’t outlaw abortion entirely but also pays more respect to the life of unborn children – but Democrats want it repealed. Many also favor the idea of abortion until birth.

Three left-wing judges on the Supreme Court dissented in the ruling. These were Justices Elena Kagan, Stephen Breyer, and Sonia Sotomayor.