T-Mobile Says Text Messages Were Censored

(TheLibertyRevolution.com)- You may remember when we reported in January how T-Mobile was blocking people from sending certain links to friends via text? Well, the censorship campaign has continued.

After it was revealed that users were unable to share links to conservative websites like The Gateway Pundit and a host of others, the Gateway Pundit filed a complaint with the Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmidt.

A letter was sent by the news outlet to all five of the Missouri Attorney Generals’ offices in January, and now it looks as though that effort is paying off.

On February 14, Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt informed T-Mobile that an investigation has been launched into their censorship practices using the “WebGuard” software. The software not only stops people from being able to send certain links to one another, but also blocks people from accessing certain websites when connecting via a cellular network.

T-Mobile responded to the Attorney General, too, and admitted that they were blocking links. Their excuse? That there was a “glitch” in their spam filters.

In an article published this month, The Gateway Pundit insisted that they don’t believe that T-Mobile representatives are telling the truth. It’s interesting, however, that this censorship was literally admitted by the network in a letter to Schmitt’s office.

Now, we just need to wait for the result of the investigation.

That should be…enlightening.