Target Is Quietly Pushing An Anti-Military Agenda

Since the George Floyd demonstrations and riots of 2020, Target Corporation has increased its diversity, equality, and inclusion initiatives, sponsoring organizations with far-left political objectives. 

Target’s “Diversity Chief,” Keira Fernandez, advocates for the dissolution of Israel’s Jewish identity, the demilitarization of the United States, and the surrender of U.S. sovereign land. 

In 2022, the NDN Collective, a South Dakota-based organization with annual revenues of $50 million or more, received funding from the Target Foundation. NDN uses a “racial equity lens” in its work and seeks to strengthen Indigenous communities via advocacy, education, fundraising, and rewriting histories.

Its “LANDBACK” campaign urged the United States to cede public land to Palestinians and urged Israel to abandon its Jewish identity by allowing in thousands of Palestinian refugees. In addition, it contains a sentence that has been taken as a call to genocide against Israel. Target provides funding for NDN, an anti-militarization group. It asserts that the foundation of the United States Armed Forces was built on slavery and indiscriminate death. It is against “cop city” in Atlanta and backs the Green New Deal proposed by Democratic Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Target is not simply looking to ramp up the hiring of minorities. They are trying to “fundamentally transform America” as we know it. 

The YWCA of Minneapolis, an organization working to promote “racial equity” in public policy, also received funding from Target. Target directly funds an organization that believes White children need to be taught the existence of “systemic racism” to understand the world thoroughly. 

The company ignored a request for comment from Fox News Digital and has not answered additional questions about why it gives money to GLSEN, an organization that distributes free sexually graphic literature to schools. 

The London firm Abprallen, which sold satanic-themed LGBTQ+ clothes and accessories in Target, was removed from Target’s apparel line. Target has also been boycotted for selling “tuck-friendly” swimwear for young boys wishing to wear girl’s swimwear.