Ted Cruz Caught On Undercover Video Saying It’s Time To “Clean House” At FBI

(TheLibertyRevolution.com)- Texas Senator Ted Cruz is fighting back after reports began to circulate that he supports defunding the FBI, according to Mediaite. A Twitter video of Lauren Windsor’s web show Under Current, shows Windsor interviewing Cruz while at an Atlanta campaign event for Herschel Walker.

“I wanna say, thank you so much for all you’re doing to fight for Herschel Walker to take back the Senate. And I just think it’s so important that you guys are actually going to defund all those IRS agents,” Windsor told Cruz.

“Absolutely,” Cruz agreed.

“But I think it’s imperative that you really have to defund the FBI after all the witch hunts that are going on,” Windsor said.

“It is horrific the abuse of power at the FBI and it’s wrong. And there needs to be a complete house cleaning that happens at the FBI,” Cruz replied.

“Are y’all gonna be able to do that when you retake the Senate?” Windsor asked.

“I think we need to fight to do that. We need to fight to have real oversight,” Cruz replied.

Windsor then claimed on Twitter that Cruz “nodded in agreement” when she said “defund the FBI.”

Windsor is a progressive and far-left so-called journalist who deliberately tells half-truths in order to push her ideological agenda. Her bio describes her as a “Progressive. Pragmatist. Patriot…Gonzo for democracy.” She recently retweeted John Legend when he wrote, “When the president comes out as anti fascist and pro democracy and you feel attacked…Perhaps you need to do some introspection.”

Clearly, she does not know what “antifascist” is masquerading.

Ted Cruz took to Twitter as well to clarify his statements, writing, “Leftie Twitter is gonna lie—it’s what they do—but every word I said is true: The FBI’s raid was a horrific “abuse of power.” There needs to be “a complete housecleaning” at FBI. We need “real oversight” from Congress. All absolutely true!”

He then plugged his new book, Justice Corrupted: How the Left Weaponized Our Legal System.