Ted Cruz Requests Emergency Delay To Stop Biden Agenda 

(TheLibertyRevolution.com)- A Denver airport worker filed a federal complaint against Phil Washington, Biden’s recent FAA administrator pick, claiming he was exposed to “threats” and “intolerable” working conditions while under his supervision. 

Texas Republican Ted Cruz is urging his Senate colleagues to put off voting on the administrator pick. Cruz recommends that the Senate Commerce Committee delay voting on Washington’s appointment until the allegations against him have been investigated. 

Mr. Washington, CEO of the Denver International Airport, has denied any misconduct. On Wednesday, he will testify before the Senate Commerce Committee. 

Cruz is a ranking Republican on the Commerce Committee. 

An employee of Hispanic origin filed action because he claimed his employment was endangered after complaining of racial discrimination and wage disparity. Mr. Cruz claims the complaint provides sufficient cause to examine Mr. Washington’s fitness to head the nation’s biggest transportation agency. 

Cruz said this week they found Washington neglected to disclose to the committee that he’s been named in a new complaint claiming discriminatory and retaliatory tactics at Denver’s airport. 

Mr. Cruz said that since he failed to give to the Committee more than 18 hours of speeches and statements and failed to provide facts about other cases involving him, the staff must now investigate these matters. 

Conservatives have cast doubt on Mr. Washington’s qualifications and professional demeanor. 

The White House proposed Mr. Washington for the FAA position in July. There was a Senate deadlock, a 50-50 vote on his nomination, where Republican resistance has been mounting. 

Before this case, Mr. Washington had been mentioned in two others claiming broad discrimination and whistleblower retaliation as CEO of the Los Angeles Metropolitan Transit Authority. 

In addition, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department obtained a felony search warrant with his name on it in September 2022 to investigate allegations of favoritism inside the Metropolitan Transit Authority. 

Mr. Washington has refuted the accusations made against him as baseless.