Ted Cruz Says It Would Be “Nuts” To Stick With Old Leadership

(TheLibertyRevolution.com)- Following the defeat of the midterm elections, two senior Republican senators called for a change in the party’s leadership, with one referring to it as a “funeral” for the GOP as we know it.

Ted Cruz, a senator from Texas, said it would be “nuts” for the party to carry on under the same leadership.

Cruz said that elections for leadership must center on how we will actually lead. Our current leadership has tended to cave into the Democrats. He noted every significant, horrible policy enacted in the last couple of years had been passed with all the Democrats and ten or more Republicans.

The Senator noted that Democrats never act in this way. With all the Republicans and a few Democrats, they couldn’t get anything enacted when they had Republican majorities.

“And yet, for some reason, our current leadership thinks it’s a good idea to enable the carnage that Chuck Schumer and the Democrats are committing. I don’t think our folks want that,” Cruz said.

When questioned if he was aiming at Mitch McConnell, Cruz said the current plan is to hold leadership elections. He believed that to be crazy, saying it would be absurd for the GOP to hold leadership elections and choose the same group of people to govern.

It’s time to “bury” the old Republican Party and “create something new,” Senator Josh Hawley stated earlier this week. On Tuesday, he reiterated that sentiment, saying that this election was the burial of “the Republican Party as we know it.”

He said the Republican Party as we once knew it is no more. Voters have also made that obvious.

McConnell added, “I never foresaw a red wave,” suggesting that “MAGA’ Republicans were to blame for the election’s failings rather than accepting responsibility.”

“I don’t own this job,” McConnell said, referring to the party’s leadership. He said he welcomes the challenge from anyone at the conference, and they are definitely free to do so.