Ted Cruz Says Media “Turning Out The Lights” On Big Tech Censorship

(TheLibertyRevolution.com)- In July, press secretary Jen Psaki let the cat out of the bag and acknowledged that the White House was “flagging” for Facebook any posts the administration deemed “misinformation” regarding COVID vaccines. It was a stunning admission, and free speech advocates on both sides of the aisle were understandably alarmed.

The argument that private companies like Facebook or Twitter are free to censor speech goes out the window once they are taking orders from the White House.

Senator Ted Cruz told Fox News that this coordination between the White House and Facebook amounts to “state-sponsored censorship.” Calling it the “single biggest threat to the First Amendment we’ve ever faced,” Cruz blasted the American corporate news media for not only going along with it, but encouraging it as well.

Senator Tom Cotton, a harsh critic of Big Tech censorship, argued that no social media platforms should ever have a role in censoring speech. Cotton pointed out that neither Mark Zuckerberg nor Jack Dorsey are “arbiters of truth.”

While Big Tech might be monopolies, Cotton added, “they don’t have a monopoly on the truth.”

The American corporate news media also criticized Facebook over Psaki’s announcement. But rather than oppose this level of coordinated censorship with the White House, the media were more upset that Facebook wasn’t doing more to censor “misinformation.”

CNN’s political pundit Ashley Allison told Jake Tapper that social media companies have a “responsibility to stop disinformation.” And Allison wasn’t just talking about so-called “vaccine disinformation.” She also wanted Facebook and Twitter to start censoring anything that goes against the Democrat Party agenda on any issue – from the census to citizenship to critical race theory.

It is remarkable just how pro-censorship the so-called “Free Press” has become.

From CNN to the Washington Post, American news outlets won’t be satisfied until gigantic social media companies rid the digital public square of anyone who opposes the Democrat Party.

But Senator Cruz argued that the media’s failure to take a stand against government censorship isn’t anything new. Instead, it is just the latest example of the uniform false narrative Americans must accept as the “gospel truth.”

Cruz cited the media’s claims about the Hunter Biden laptop story as “Russian disinformation,” the Russian bounties fake story, and the COVID lab leak theory as examples of the media’s preferred narrative turning out to be the actual disinformation.

What the mainstream media is doing, Cruz explains, isn’t just keeping Americans in the dark through censorship, “it’s that they are helping to turn off all the lights.”