Teleprompter Fail: Biden Says He Joined Senate 180 YEARS Ago

( In yet another teleprompter slip up, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden appeared to suggest that he has spent almost two centuries in the Senate.

Hey, at least a lot of Americans out there probably feel like it’s been that long.

A video began circulating widely on social media on Saturday, showing Joe Biden making the mistake – before laughing it off as it if were a joke. In another video, an interview on MSNBC, Biden also compared President Donald Trump to chief propagandist of Nazi Germany, Joseph Goebbels.

What do you think, slip up, or confusion over a joke? 180 years is a long time…but so is 36 years. That’s how long Biden actually spent in the Senate.

Then, in an interview on MSNBC, Biden made the horrible claim that President Donald Trump is just like Joseph Goebbels and appeared to need help from the host to know what he was talking about.

Here is Joe Biden comparing Trump to Goebbels.

And then here he is trying to criticize the Trump administration’s handling of coronavirus relief funds. He incorrectly claimed that just one percent of the Paycheck Protection Act funds have been disbursed, which is inaccurate. The host continues nodding until Biden realizes he was wrong, and after a series of “uhs,” host Stephanie Ruhle reminded him that he actually meant “mainstream lending.”

You can see Biden scratching his head in confusion.

Thought that was bad? Later in the interview, Biden seemed to forget the name of the president, referring to him as “John.”

Quickly after saying the name, Biden did his usual trick of saying “look,” before moving onto a new topic and pretending he never said the dumb thing he just said.

“One thing I gotta, we gotta communicate, John, joh….look, the whole notion of what’s going on here is we cannot let, have an excuse for him to avoid what needs to be done,” he said.