Terrorist Ally Stripped Of U.S. Citizenship: “I Want To..”

(TheLibertyRevolution.com)- Hoda Muthana, 28, was born to Yemeni immigrants in New Jersey. She was reared in Hoover, Alabama, a small town west of Birmingham, in a traditional Muslim family.

Her story gets complicated from there. Her citizenship has been stripped, and her passport revoked.

She left Alabama in 2014 to join the Islamic State but has now expressed sorrow and wants to return to America.

“I will serve my sentence if I have to sit in jail,” she said. “I’m hoping my country sees me as a young, impressionable person at the time.”

She now resides in a prison facility in northern Syria that also serves as a home for hundreds of Islamic State militants’ widows and their kids. She claims she was a victim and would now fight against extremism.

Muthana fled her family at the age of 20 to join ISIS. She was raised in a traditional Muslim home, but instead of traveling for school, she traveled to Turkey and entered Syria using money from covertly cashed tuition checks.

Muthana claims she was imprisoned in a guest home meant for single women and kids after arriving in Syria.

She said she had never seen such filthiness in her life. “There seemed to be 100 ladies and twice as many children running about, making excessive noise, and having dirty bedding,” she recounted.

She said that the only way out was to wed an ISIS warrior, and in the end, she married three and had children.

The former American has now expressed sorrow over everything save the birth of her kid and expressed the desire to return to the country to fight extremism by arguing that the terrorist organization indoctrinated her.

Muthana seemed to be a passionate supporter of ISIS. She was enticing more Americans to join the extremist organization and carry out domestic crimes, including drive-by shootings, vehicle rammings, and targeting big crowds on public holidays in tweets from 2015.

She claims the postings on her phone were posted by ISIS sympathizers and that her phone was taken.

Muthana’s family’s attorney Hassan Shibly said it is “very apparent” that she was used and indoctrinated. He said that to pay back her obligation to society and prevent others from “sliding into the terrible road that she was led down,” the family feels she should be let to return.