Terrorist Leader Took His Own Life As U.S. Forces Closed In, White House Reveals

(TheLibertyRevolution.com)- President Joe Biden announced on Thursday that Abu Ibrahim al-Hashimi al-Qurayshi, the leader of the Islamic State, blew himself up and killed members of his family in the process. President Biden said that it happened as U.S. troops were closing in on him at his home in Syria.

During a press conference at the White House, Biden said that as the troops approached to capture him, he demonstrated a “final act of desperate cowardice with no regard to the lives of his own families or others in the building.”

“He chose to blow himself up,” he said.

Biden said that he blew up the entire third floor rather than face justice for the crimes he committed, killing several members of his own family in precisely the same fashion as his predecessor.

The president also said that a full report on the incident is being compiled by the U.S. military. It happened during a raid last Thursday.

Biden also tried to claim victory – even though former President Donald Trump’s attacks on ISIS were responsible for virtually destroying the terrorist group during his first term. He thanked brave American troops for ending the terrorist leader.

“Our forces carried out the operation with their signature preparation and precision, and I directed the Department of Defense to take every precaution possible to minimize civilian casualties,” he said.

It’s good news in terms of reducing or eliminating the influence of ISIS and the threat the group poses, but it’s also a little grating to see Biden trying to claim victory over a problem that arose during his last stint in the White House, isn’t it?

According to Army officials, an ISIS lieutenant barricaded himself on the second floor of the same building and fired weapons at U.S. soldiers.

No American casualties were reported by the Pentagon, but thirteen people – including women and children – died in the explosion.