Texts Allegedly Show Biden Offered to Intervene with Hunter’s Business Partner

(TheLibertyRevolution.com)- The National File claims to have obtained some text messages purportedly between Joe Biden and his son Hunter that were allegedly retrieved from Hunter’s abandoned laptop.

According to the National File, these text messages, allegedly from 2019, show an exchange between Hunter and his father in which Hunter is complaining about one of his business partners.

In the alleged texts, Hunter appears to complain to his father about someone named “Eric.” Eric received checks related to certain investments that Hunter claims belong to him. This “Eric” was withholding the checks until Hunter agreed to give him equity in a business Hunter fired Eric from. Hunter whines about how everyone is out to get him and itemizes all of his financial woes as an explanation for why he can’t afford to sue “Eric” for the checks he is withholding.

The National File presumes that “Eric” refers to Hunter’s former business partner Eric Schwerin with whom Hunter founded the consultancy group Rosemont Seneca Partners.

In a reply text which the National File attributes to Joe Biden, Biden offers to help with Eric, adding “Let me help if you think I can.”

It is unclear how the National File received copies of these texts, but they do provide what they claim are screen captures of the text messages in question.

These texts aren’t smoking gun material by any stretch. There’s nothing illegal about offering to talk to your son’s former business partner. If these texts are authentic, the only thing they reveal is that Joe Biden is Hunter’s biggest enabler, willing to help his fully-grown son out of every scrape he finds himself in.

While the text messages reveal a codependent and unhealthy father/son relationship, they could hardly be considered criminal.

What guy in his late forties with children of his own needs his father to ride in on a white horse to help him out of a financial dispute with a former business partner? These texts beg the question of how Hunter Biden managed to do so many multi-million-dollar business deals when he is incapable of getting himself out of a bad situation without running to Daddy for help.