The Anti-Trump Witch Hunt Puts Democrats’ Agenda Against Trump At Risk

( In an op-ed on Tuesday, New York Post columnist Michael Goodwin pointed out that, rather than making their case against former President Donald Trump, the Democrats’ January 6 “show trial” is undermining it.

Goodwin writes that Democrats have learned nothing since Hillary Clinton’s infamous “basket of deplorables” remark in September 2016. That attack directed at Trump supporters no doubt played a part in Clinton’s defeat, Goodwin explains.

But rather than taking a lesson from that, the January 6 select committee is doubling down by leading this partisan “kangaroo court.”

Goodwin said the partisan make-up of the committee means at least half the country won’t trust a single thing that comes from it.

Goodwin believes that some of the testimony reveals how “outlandish” Trump’s claims about the 2020 election were. But because Speaker Nancy Pelosi refused to seat the Republican-appointed members of the committee, she “undermined the findings before they were revealed.”

Citing Georgetown law professor Jonathan Turley and other legal experts, Goodwin notes that witnesses testifying without any cross-examination means those watching the hearings are only getting one side of the story. And that side is everything that supports the Democrat Party’s agenda and narrative.

“Show trials are un-American,” Goodwin writes, “even when Trump is in the dock.”

Goodwin admits that he thinks Trump has to stop going on about the 2020 election if he plans to run again in 2024. At the same time, he explains, it is impossible to trust any committee that includes someone like RussiaGate promoter Adam Schiff.

Goodwin believes that, in pushing the January 6 Show Trial, Speaker Pelosi and the Democrats are perpetuating the same mistake Hillary made in 2016 when she planted evidence with the media about Trump being a Russian asset and colluded with the FBI to get them to investigate it. Then Hillary hoped voters would rally to her side because of it. And when that didn’t happen the way Hillary expected, her response was to attack those voters as “deplorables.”

Read Goodwin’s column HERE.