The “Squad” Tries To Punish Supreme Court To Limit Its Powers

( The “Squad” – Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s army of far-left legislators – has begun mounting a new effort to transform the foundations of American society and change the powers of the Supreme Court. The news comes after the state of Texas passed new legislation that stops abortions from taking place after six weeks, or when a fetus has developed a heartbeat.

Extremist Rep. Rashida Tlaib introduced a new bill that would impose an 18-year term limit on Supreme Court Justices, effectively forcing many on the bench already to resign. If passed, the legislation would grant President Joe Biden a number of opportunities to appoint far-left Supreme Court Justices.

They are so bitter and angry about not having political activists on the court that they are willing to transform the way the Supreme Court works, and how it has worked for hundreds of years. And they call conservatives extremists?

The new legislation would also create a semi-annual nomination process that allows the Senate as much as 120 days to confirm new nominees.

The legislation is also supported by Reps. Don Beyer, Barbara Lee, and Ro Khanna, and was officially introduced on August 31.

And it doesn’t stop there. Under the legislation, a president would only be able to nominate justices in the first and third years of their term. It means that, if it is passed quickly, President Joe Biden might be able to pass new justices before the end of his first year – and if he doesn’t, then, it might just give the Squad enough time to get Biden out of office, install Kamala Harris as president, and then guarantee that the most extreme left-wing justices ever seen are nominated by her instead.

It is all very calculated.

The legislation would also automatically seat a nominee on the court if Senators fail to confirm the nominee after 120 days.

Thankfully, it’s not likely that the Democrats can generate sufficient support in the Senate to pass the bill.