There’s A Reason Biden’s Iran Deal Was Doomed

( Iran has taken advantage of the Biden administration since he was inaugurated and made it clear he wanted to rejoin the 2015 nuclear deal, according to defense and national security website 19FortyFive. Biden’s Iran policy has been so ineffective and weak, the author reports, that it has enabled Iran to drastically build up its pursuit of nuclear armament.

Biden has made the Iran nuclear deal a top priority but has been largely unsuccessful in negotiations. Critics are calling the deal that is currently on the table vastly different from the one negotiated and sign by former-President Obama in 2015, arguing that it includes concessions made by the U.S. The deal would have given Iran $1 trillion in sanction relief by 2030, but it reportedly crumbled earlier this month when Iran’s response was met with disappointment by both European and American officials.

The significant problem with Biden’s plan to reenter a nuclear deal is that he allegedly has no bold plan of his own, beside trying to walk back former-President Trump’s withdrawal. Reentering the agreement that was finalized in 2015 is highly unlikely. In failing to understand this, or being driven by spite of the former president, the author suggests that the Biden administration fails to look into the many valid reasons that Trump withdrew the U.S. from the agreement to begin with, such as “secret documents on Iran’s nuclear program stolen by Israel in 2018 that proved substantial cheating by Iran on the agreement.”

The administration also fails to admit that the Maximum Pressure policy enacted by the former president which imposed 1,600 sanctions on the hostile country were far more effective in keeping nuclear armament at bay than the JCPOA. Iran has also refused to let the IAEA from investigating the country’s possible secret nuclear sites, which the administration has not let hamper negotiations.

In spite of failing to reach any agreement with the Iranians, the Biden administration consistently lies about the progress it has made and is making regarding a new deal. Since the start of the presidency Biden has promised to reverse Trump’s withdrawal and reenter the nuclear deal in one that was stronger and longer lasting, but it has not been done because he was reportedly worried about the political blowback.

Even Democratic lawmakers have lost faith in Biden’s Iran policy, as Democratic Senator Robert Menendez excoriated the president’s entire Iran policy on the Senate floor in February.

The desperation of the administration seems to have escalated because they were prepared to offer greatly dangerous American concessions in order to agree to a deal that still would have been ineffective in preventing nuclear armament to begin with. The administration debated whether to take the Iranian Revolutionary Guard (IRGC) off of the designated terrorist list, which was only taken off the table after congressional opposition to U.S. concessions. They also reportedly offered to exempt Russia’s trade from the list of sanctions on Iran related to Russia’s war in Ukraine.