This Biden N-Word Video Is The Most Disturbing Thing You’ll Ever See

( After the media and slack-jawed activists failed to get Joe Rogan’s podcast removed from Spotify over “COVID misinformation,” they tried a different tactic – namely, digging up out-of-context clips of Rogan using the N-word.

When all else fails, leftists always fall back on the charge of “racism.”

Rogan was forced to apologize for his previous comments and agreed to remove the offending episodes that included the out-of-context clips from Spotify.

In response to the faux outrage, independent journalist Glenn Greenwald decided to make a point about digging up old out-of-context video to smear someone as a racist. To do this, Greenwald used an old video clip of now-President Joe Biden using the N-word back when he was a Senator:

Immediately, the same angry leftists attacking Joe Rogan for out-of-context clips using the N-word attacked Greenwald for posting the clip of Biden using the N-word. The reason? The clip was being taken out of context because Biden was reading the words of someone else.

Yeah. That’s kind of the point. But of course, these angry leftists completely missed that.

Then a pro-Trump group called The Committee to Defend the President decided to use a portion of the out-of-context clip of Joe Biden to create an ad accusing Biden of being a racist.

This prompted Reuters to publish a fact-check of the ad, noting that The Committee to Defend the President implied that Biden’s words were his own rather than the words of another person.

Reuters writes that the video is from a 1985 nomination hearing of William Reynolds for Associate Attorney General. And the quote Biden was reading was from a Louisiana state legislator who opposed the 1981 state redistricting map.

Reuters ruled that the ad from The Committee to Defend the President was “misleading” because it was taken out of context.