This “Pro-Gun Democrat” Wants To Replace Lauren Boebert 

( In one of the most surprisingly tight midterm races in the country,  Democrat Adam Frisch was unsuccessful in his attempt to beat Colorado Republican Representative Lauren Boebert. The margin of defeat was only 564 votes. 

According to reports, Frisch claims the Democrat Party held him back in the midterm elections by abandoning rural America and proposing ridiculous climate goals and incoherent energy policies. Although many voters in the 3rd Congressional District did vote for Boebert, Frisch alleged that the Democratic Party stood in his way. 

After spending his childhood in Minneapolis and being brought up on a Montana Native American reservation by parents who worked in the medical field, Frisch made his way to Boulder, Colorado, to compete in winter sports at the University of Colorado.  

Local reports show Frisch suffered an injury before he ever began competing for the school’s squad and ultimately moved to New York City. He worked as a waiter before transitioning to a career in international banking, during which he spent time in various locations around Asia and Europe. 

The Colorado Democrat maintains that no love is lost between himself and the Democrat Party because he believes they have mishandled rural America for decades.  

Reports show the Secretary of State of Colorado ordered a recount in the congressional contest between the Republican Boebert and Democrat Frisch.   

When more than a week had passed after the voting had closed, Boebert announced that she had won, and Frisch announced his defeat. 

When the difference in the number of votes received by the top two contenders in Colorado is equal to or less than 0.5 percent of total votes received by the candidate in the first place, the state conducts a mandatory recount. Once all the votes were counted, that difference amounted to around 0.34 percent. 

Boebert declared her victory In a video message sent from the Capitol.

Boebert is one of the House’s most ardent supporters of former President Donald Trump.