Tom Cotton Dismantles Democrat Filibuster Claims

( Republican Senator for Arkansas Tom Cotton totally destroyed the claims by Democrats that the Senate filibuster is a product of the Jim Crow era. Cotton deconstructed the fantastical and inaccurate claim, which is being used by Democrats to lower the votes required to pass legislation to just 51, making it easier for them to pass dangerous and extreme legislation now and in the future.

Speaking on the Senate floor, Cotton said he would like to remind his “friends” in the Democratic Party – no, he wasn’t joking! – that they have used the Senate filibuster many times themselves. He detailed how former President Donald Trump was stopped from passing bills “hundreds of times” during his presidency because of the Democrats.

He described how many Democrats had even voted to not have a debate on legislation, including bills relating to the COVID-19 relief packages passed during the Trump administration. Cotton explained how Democrats used the Senate filibuster in a way that denied American businesses and families the money they needed during one of the worst economic periods of modern American history.

Cotton said that Democrats even blocked a debate on policing reforms last year when America reached a new height of left-wing violence across dozens of major cities.

Today, he said, the Democrats claim it is a “terrible affront” that Senate Republicans are blocking a debate on a bill that would become one of the largest “power grabs” in American history, referencing the so-called “For the People Act.” The legislation, which Democrats had hoped to pass with the support of some dissenting Republicans, would effectively make it impossible for Republicans to win the White House, Senate, or House of Representatives again in the future by making it easier for illegal aliens to vote.

You can watch the full speech from the firebrand Republican Senator here.