Tom Cotton Says Biden Has Put A “Kick Me” Sign On Uncle Sam 

( Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) said on this week’s episode of FNC’s “Sunday Morning Futures” that he was critical of the Biden administration despite his expectation that President Joe Biden would sign legislation unmasking information about the Chinese lab, given that Chinese President Xi Jinping is set to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin this week. 

The Fox News Channel’s host, Maria Bartiromo, asked her guests if they thought the president would actually sign a bill to declassify information about China. 

“I believe he will sign it,” Cotton assured her. However, Cotton said that doesn’t determine what they will and will not share. 

He reminded Bartiromo of the points he made on her program three years prior, and they are not based on secret information of any type; instead, they are grounded in common sense and the realities that are staring us all in the face. 

He said any farmer or trucker in Arkansas with an ounce of common sense could form a sensible opinion on the Chinese lab. He noted that the Biden administration is not interested in supporting a point of view that might make us obliged to take action against an irresponsible China. 

Cotton said that, sadly, Joe Biden has pinned a “kick me” sign on Uncle Sam’s back. He said the United States’ withdrawal from international affairs leaves a leadership vacuum that isn’t quickly filled with harmony and mutual respect. It’s full of countries hostile to the United States and its interests, such as Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea. The United States continued role as leader of the civilized world is called into doubt by many nations. These nations worry that America will no longer be able to guarantee the peace and prosperity that have been the hallmarks of the American experience. 

Whether or not China agrees to send weaponry to Russia to pursue its unnecessary war of aggression in Ukraine “is extremely dangerous at this next summit,” he stressed. Cotton feels the Biden administration has not been nearly forceful enough in explaining the repercussions of taking such a drastic step to China.