Top Democrat Met With Chinese Influence Group 

( According to a report, another prominent Democrat is violating national security procedures by holding secret meetings with Chinese CCP-linked lobbying organizations. 

On a 10-day visit to California, Lin Songtian, head of the Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, met with Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass, a Democrat.  

U.S.–China ties were allegedly discussed in an amicable conversation between the two leaders. 

U.S. intelligence agencies warned only weeks before that Chinese agents are actively working to influence local leaders. As Beijing considers state and local politicians more malleable than their federal counterparts, the intelligence report noted that Beijing had redoubled its attempts to sway influence at the state and local level to move U.S. policy in China’s favor. Experts on national security have harshly criticized the conference. 

The officials who met with Lin Songtian were the targets of Chinese influence, according to Michael Sobolik, from the Indo-Pacific Studies at the American Foreign Policy Council. 

There is a serious threat of spying and data breaches at the state and municipal levels of government. 

According to reports, the Chinese government is attempting to steal confidential information. It has recently been reported that they are even employing cargo cranes to spy on the United States. 

Large Chinese-made cranes are raising rising concerns among American authorities because they may be used as a covert espionage tool by the Chinese government at ports around the United States, especially at numerous ports frequented by the military. 

ZPMC, a Chinese crane manufacturer, has been called a “Trojan horse” by national security and Military authorities. 

Concerns have been raised that China may be able to obtain information about the material being shipped to support U.S. military operations abroad because these cranes possess sophisticated sensors that can track the destination of containers. 

But local Democrats like Karen Bass still put our nation in danger by welcoming these influence organizations with open arms into government facilities. 

The disclosure comes as President Biden’s family connections to China come under examination.