Top Democrat’s Staffer Causes Scandal After Disturbing Past Comes To Light

( Democratic Senator for New Jersey, Bob Menendez, is wrapped up in a fresh controversy relating to his Kenyan-born staff assistant, Brian Muthangya.

For a progressive politician representing the most radically left-wing Democratic Party that the United States has ever seen, you wouldn’t ever imagine him hiring a member of staff who makes sexist and racist comments – but that’s what he did.

According to a report by The Gateway Pundit, Muthangya’s Facebook account shows him making derogatory comments about white women back in 2011.

A Gateway Pundit reader reached out to the outlet with screenshots of his account, showing how he talked about white women fueling his “penis talk.”

“I am a righteous black guy that ABSOLUTELY loves the white women’s embrace! Without white women I am nothing, white women fuel my penis tank. LMS if you’re a white women and will let me recharge my tank,” he wrote in one post.

In another post, he bizarrely claimed that it “feels good to be a gangster.”

Let’s hope he’s talking figuratively…

The Gateway Pundit reader who sent the screenshots to the outlet said that, as a white woman, she became “breathless with anger and fear” when she read the post.

She noted how Senator Bob Menendez recently claim that white supremacy has thrived on “using fear to justify oppression, discrimination and violence against people of color for decades” – a claim that suggests he is deeply opposed to systemic racism.

However, despite these claims and despite the vile comments made by his staff assistant, nothing appears to have been done.

This is the same man that even called Senator Ron Johnson a racist during a debate on the Senate floor.

So what gives?

Does Senator Menendez oppose racism or not?