Top Iran Officials Sends Terror Threat To Israel

BREAKING NEWS! Iran Offers $80 MILLION for Trump’s Head! (VIDEO)
BREAKING NEWS! Iran Offers $80 MILLION for Trump’s Head! (VIDEO)

( President Joe Biden is really hoping that Iran will tone down the rhetoric and work with the United States on coming back into compliance with the failed Obama-era Iran Nuclear Deal, or the Joint Comprehensive Plan Of Action (JCPOA), but Iran is just getting more and more extreme.

It’s just proving former President Donald Trump right, too…

Major General Hossein Salami, who is the commander of the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps – Iran’s paramilitary group – threatened Israeli leaders last Sunday. Salami said that he was prepared to “cut off their hands” if any further threats are made by Israel to Iran.

That’s not good news for the Biden administration.

Speaking after the Iranian military tested a slew of new missiles, Salami said that the military drills were “very clear and obvious messages” to Israel and the rest of the world – or more specifically, the “Zionist regime” of Israel.

“The message of this drill is a serious, real, and field warning to threats by the Zionist regime’s officials that they should take care not to make mistakes and faults and if they make mistakes we will cut off their hands,” he said.

Well, that’s certainly clear. But then again, everybody already knew that Iran is one of the most extreme anti-Semitic and pro-terrorism nations in the world. So is anyone really surprised?

With Iran only recently agreeing to come back to the negotiating table on the JCPOA, it should be clearer than ever to the Biden administration that this is not a country with which rational conversations and discussions can be had.