Top U.S. Judge Orders Project Veritas To Get Its Private Documents Back

( The New York Times has been ordered to return every single legal memo relating to privileged attorney-client communications back to Project Veritas, an organization dedicated to exposing corruption and exposing left-wing bias in major corporations and government. The ruling came on December 24, and said that the memos should not have been in possession of the New York Times when the publication published a story about Project Veritas.

Judge Charles Wood ruled that the memos, which were obtained under shady circumstances, contained privileged information. Prepared by Project Veritas attorney Benjamin Barr, the documents gave the New York Times an opportunity to smear the organization using privileged information that should never have been made public.

The Times was also ordered to dispose of every single digital copy that they own of the documents, and were ordered to stop publishing the private information in any future reports. The far-left “news” outlet was ordered to dispose of all documents and return any physical copies to Project Veritas within ten days – but nobody can ever really know whether the outlet has fully complied.

Any number of extreme left-wing “journalists” may read the documents in the meantime and memorize the information contained within them.

Would you trust the New York Times to delete information about a conservative-leaning group, even if it was ordered by a judge?

We wouldn’t…