Top U.S. Senator Drops CHEATING Allegations Against Democrats For 2022

( Florida Republican Senator Rick Scott made a pretty serious accusation over the weekend – and it’s important the country takes it seriously. Scott told Trey Gowdy on Fox News that Democrats are planning to use their “voting rights” bill – which recently failed to pass in the Senate – as a way to commit fraud in future elections.

Scott criticized efforts by the Democrats to implement the plan by removing the legislative filibuster – a process that requires 60 legislators to support a bill in order for it to pass the Senate. Democrats, including President Joe Biden in a recent speech in Atlanta, Georgia – have advocated removing the filibuster to make it easier to pass extremist legislation.

“If you look at the Democrat Party now, they are the ones that are anti-democracy, they talk about packing the Supreme Court,” he told Fox.

He added that the Democrats don’t want people to show their ID when voting and that signatures don’t even need to match when people use mail-in voting. He said that their proposed bill would legalize ballot harvesting, and unmonitored ballot boxes would cause chain of custody problems.

“And unmonitored ballot boxes, that is good because that could help us cheat,” he said, embodying the Democrat mindset.

“What the Democrat Party is they are they anti-democracy party…that’s what they’ve become,” he said.

Democrats cunningly named their failed bills the “Freedom to Vote Act” and the “John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act”. Had they passed, the legislation would have made it easier for illegal aliens to cast votes and would have encouraged ballot harvesting.

In other words, it would have guaranteed a Democratic victory in every future election…

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