Trump Admin WON’T ALLOW Emancipation Memorials to Be Torn Down By Extremists

( Extremist Black Lives Matter activists started with confederate statues, and now they’re tearing down any monuments they know normal people love. Their radicalism reached peak lunacy when they declared their intent to tear down an Emancipation Memorial that depicts President Lincoln with a freed slave.

The Trump administration has come out strongly against the activists and has vowed to “now allow” the memorial to be destroyed by far-left radicals.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarty told his Twitter followers on Wednesday that he had spoken to the president, and they would “not allow the Emancipation Memorial of President Lincoln to be destroyed by the left-wing mob.”

“Thank you to our law enforcement for protecting our national treasures,” McCarthy added.

President Donald Trump followed through with his promise of sending in extra law enforcement if necessary, too. Hundreds of members of the National Guard were deployed to Washington D.C. to protect the city’s many historic monuments, as tensions rise and violent extremists from Black Lives Matter and Antifa continue tearing down statues they don’t like. The National Guardsmen, however, will serve as “uniformed deterrence” and will not be armed.

You can imagine the kind of narrative the left would try to spin if they were armed.

Pentagon spokesman Lt. Col. Christian Mitchell issued a statement explaining the current situation with the National Guard.

“Since their activation, none of the National Guard members have been dispatched to actual monument locations to provide assistance to the NPP,” he said. “They remain on standby at the D.C. Armory at this time. They will support U.S. Park Police at key monuments to prevent any defacing or destruction.”

In short, the National Guard is available and on standby. If it looks like protestors are going after statues, they will be quickly dispatched.

Deployment of the National Guard came after protesters vowed to tear down a statue of Abraham Lincoln freeing a slave on Thursday at 7pm.

Now is the time for President Trump to show the country he is serious about protecting the nation’s history.