Trump And His Children Are Spending Less Time Together In Possible Sign

( According to PEOPLE Magazine, unnamed “sources” say Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump don’t spend a lot of time at Mar-a-Lago.

One friend of Jared’s told PEOPLE that Jared said the amount of time they spend with former President Trump is “definitely less” now compared to how much time they spend with him when Trump was in the White House.

Yes, because when Trump was in the White House both Jared and Ivanka were working as his advisors. It’s blazingly obvious that they would be spending less time around him now.

If only Jared and Ivanka hadn’t spent a lot of time around Trump when he was in the White House. Just imagine how much of the MAGA agenda would’ve been implemented if those two meddling Democrats weren’t getting in the way.

Ah well. Hindsight.

The “source” told PEOPLE that Ivanka and Jared are less likely to serve as Trump’s “sounding-boards” or consultants now.

Not that Jared and Ivanka are avoiding Mar-a-Lago entirely. PEOPLE notes that Ivanka was there recently and Kushner visits every few weeks, even golfing there recently.

It isn’t entirely clear what the purpose of this article is other than to give unnamed “sources” a chance to gossip so PEOPLE could keep the Trump name in the news.

But whatever.

Here’s the upshot.

Jared and Ivanka live 90 minutes south of Mar-a-Lago where they’re busy living a “low-key” life. And because they don’t live five minutes away as they did in Washington nor do they work in Mar-a-Lago the way they did the White House, they aren’t spending every day with Donald Trump.

That’s it. That’s the “story.”

In short. It’s a non-story.

But since the media just can’t quit Trump, even a non-story like this will get published in PEOPLE Magazine.

It isn’t exactly “stop the presses” type news that people who are no longer working in the White House have decided to move on and live a “low-key” existence.

If there is anything newsworthy about this non-story, it’s that Jared and Ivanka need to find a set of friends who won’t gossip about them to PEOPLE Magazine.