Trump Angry After Long Rollout Of His New Social Media Project

( The new social media platform that was launched recently by former President Donald Trump has been a massive success in terms of downloads, but it’s not working out all that well.

Once the app soft launched last month, it immediately shot to the top of the free downloads through the Apple App Store. Since that time, though, users who have wanted to download the app have been placed on a waitlist, and that has the former president fuming at some of the people in charge of his project.

In the public, Trump has tried to shrug off the hiccups that have happened with the platform, called Truth Social. Behind the scenes in private, though, Trump has been going off on those responsible for the app. Sources close to the former president have said that Trump is wondering why there have been technical issues and why his app hasn’t been more popular thus far.

Just last week, the app’s officials said they “resolved the performance bottlenecks with new user registration and validation, and [are] working through the new user waitlist at an accelerated rate.”

On other social media platforms, potential users have shared screenshots that show they are part of a waitlist that is more than 1 million people long. At that rate, it may be unlikely that people would even wait around that long. After all, we live in a society that is impatient, to say the least.

At the Conservative Political Action Conference held in Florida last week, Trump told visitors and reporters that the launch of his social media app was still ongoing. He added that people are “loving the product … We’re getting a voice.”

To this point, there aren’t a lot of posts that even live on the site, even from Trump himself, as the platform continues to work out the kinks. The site emailed what they called a “waitlist update” to their “truthsayers” who haven’t been able to log on just yet.

That message, which came from the Trump Media & Technology Group, read:

“We are steadily welcoming new users from our temporary waitlist onto Truth Social for iOS. This phased rollout allows us to identify and remedy errors in real time as we onboard new users.”

For months now, Trump and his new media company have said they were building a new social media platform that would “take on Big Tech, but in a fraction of the time.

“Consequently, we need to ensure the platform remains stable and provides users with the best experience possible.”

The former president announced back in October that he would be launching this new social media site. At the time, they set up a website that had the message:

“TRUTH Social is America’s ‘Big Tent’ social media platform that encourages an open, free and honest global conversation without discriminating against political ideology.”

Trump’s new media company is being run by former Representative Devin Nunes, who resigned from Congress late last year to take over as CEO of the company.